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Jenny and Doug are barely married when Doug gets an urgent request from an old Marine buddy who is the new Security Man for the Saints Football Team in New Orleans.  Doug fills Jenny in over their steak at home, “You remember my buddy who accepted the top Security post on the NFL?  Well, he called and after flattering me until I asked why he’d really called, he asked me to help them investigate what may be infractions by players and some of the coaches.  I told him I wanted to talk with you first and when I told him your maiden name he said you could have firsties on the publishing of the results.” Doug shared.

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Newest Release in Agent and His Writer Series

“How would you do this while with the FBI?” Jenny asked.

“I would have to either take a leave of absence or retire early….the other thing I wanted to discuss with you.  You see, now that we are together and my life is crap without you by my side, the FBI part of my life is too invasive for my taste.  I have enough money saved to live off of even if I didn’t go into Private Investigations, and of course I am vested, so we would still have my retirement when I hit 65, but how would you feel having me under foot so to speak most of the time…..and of course working together on investigations much as we did in Mexico?” Doug asked while he finished his steak.


Jenny was always amazed how Doug could eat while discussing the most important topics of his and her life as though these did not affect his appetite at all.  For her she was through eating as soon as he brought up the topic of a changed lifestyle for them both.

“Well, I am flabbergasted, but yes, it sounds absolutely wonderful to think we would be able to share new cases all over the world as a normal part of our life together.” Jenny admitted while she twirled her fork around her salad plate.

From Thanksgiving in Memphis to a 300 year old Plantation Home for their hide-away for the holidays, the Nelsons find new excitement in their new relationship while continuing on their trek of ferreting out truth and fair-play while sharing that knowledge with the public through Jenny’s writing for Associated Press Free Lance.


About Kathleen Boston McCune

Mother of Tiffany Susanne Martin and Trent Edward Cole....what I consider my most important and well done accomplishment in this lifetime. Besides that I have worked for the public for 40 years and written seven books which include our pioneer forefathers and foremothers. I have also written At First Glance which is "for the fun of it" contemporary espionage romance and am in the midst of the sequel to it which will be called Loosiana...Land of Passions. I hope to share a wee bit of information on a regular basis to update those interested in where my work is and why it's important to me. Please share with me in your comments your own work....whatever your choice in genre might be....ENJOY!!
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