ASSIGNMENT~LOVE now available everywhere as Kindle, NOOK or softback

After briefings they all began the assignment on the Gulf Coast…..

“One could see across the small ciudad to Laguna El Barril where the water in the sand pit was beautifully blue, which made sense if it was as deep as it was purported to be but it was surrounded by the pure white of the sand for which it was named.  Looking East to the ocean was water the shades of green and blue showing its’ clarity in comparison.  Between them were the adobe bricked businesses, casas, a municipal building or school and a cemetery.”…….Image

“The sun was truly setting now and the sky included the shade of their wine but also ochres and pale pinks as it dipped into the now darkened sea which faded to emeralds and mercury closest to the drug fighters who munched on crunchy trout that piqued the tongue with the spice and cooled their now heated mouths with the remaining wine being offered from the second bottle.  Only the sound of chewing could be heard as each relaxed as much as they could while the realization of why they were here weighed on all their minds and instincts.”……..”Jenny was exhausted and slightly tipsy with the wine which had more alcohol in it than most.  She decided to take a dip in the ocean for her bath and grabbed the bar of Zote she had brought with her and walked far enough away from the men to not be seen.  She had forewarned Doug to not let any of them follow her and why, so she was only wary of any stranger who might be either innocently nearby or for a heinous reason close at hand.  She finally found a wee bit of a cove which seemed deserted and slipped off her clothes and walked into the ocean far enough to be able to sit on the bottom and wash her hair.  The water was very refreshing, warm but not too warm and after a lathing of the soap on her hair and body she felt renewed.  She rinsed off and walked on her elbows to the sand where her clothes awaited her. 

            “Looking for something little lady?”  Doug asked, holding her clothing.

            “Brat!”  Jenny hollered.

““I just wanted to be sure no one but me could see you in your altogether, so I followed you.”  Doug admitted. 

            The sunset was the most brilliant reddish orange they had either one seen though they would appear to have eyes only for one another.

            By now Doug had removed his clothing and was also in the water.  He grabbed her ankle and pulled her into it catching her off guard.  She swallowed enough salt water to gasp and grabbed his butt in retaliation while she pulled herself up enough to breathe again.  They wrestled with one another until their movements became more sensuous than aggressive and Jenny felt Doug’s…..”Image


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About Kathleen Boston McCune

Mother of Tiffany Susanne Martin and Trent Edward Cole....what I consider my most important and well done accomplishment in this lifetime. Besides that I have worked for the public for 40 years and written seven books which include our pioneer forefathers and foremothers. I have also written At First Glance which is "for the fun of it" contemporary espionage romance and am in the midst of the sequel to it which will be called Loosiana...Land of Passions. I hope to share a wee bit of information on a regular basis to update those interested in where my work is and why it's important to me. Please share with me in your comments your own work....whatever your choice in genre might be....ENJOY!!
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