Jenny and Doug meet and more….

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ASSIGNMENT~LOVE now available everywhere as Kindle, NOOK or softback

After briefings they all began the assignment on the Gulf Coast…..

“One could see across the small ciudad to Laguna El Barril where the water in the sand pit was beautifully blue, which made sense if it was as deep as it was purported to be but it was surrounded by the pure white of the sand for which it was named.  Looking East to the ocean was water the shades of green and blue showing its’ clarity in comparison.  Between them were the adobe bricked businesses, casas, a municipal building or school and a cemetery.”…….Image

“The sun was truly setting now and the sky included the shade of their wine but also ochres and pale pinks as it dipped into the now darkened sea which faded to emeralds and mercury closest to the drug fighters who munched on crunchy trout that piqued the tongue with the spice and cooled their now heated mouths with the remaining wine being offered from the second bottle.  Only the sound of chewing could be heard as each relaxed as much as they could while the realization of why they were here weighed on all their minds and instincts.”……..”Jenny was exhausted and slightly tipsy with the wine which had more alcohol in it than most.  She decided to take a dip in the ocean for her bath and grabbed the bar of Zote she had brought with her and walked far enough away from the men to not be seen.  She had forewarned Doug to not let any of them follow her and why, so she was only wary of any stranger who might be either innocently nearby or for a heinous reason close at hand.  She finally found a wee bit of a cove which seemed deserted and slipped off her clothes and walked into the ocean far enough to be able to sit on the bottom and wash her hair.  The water was very refreshing, warm but not too warm and after a lathing of the soap on her hair and body she felt renewed.  She rinsed off and walked on her elbows to the sand where her clothes awaited her. 

            “Looking for something little lady?”  Doug asked, holding her clothing.

            “Brat!”  Jenny hollered.

““I just wanted to be sure no one but me could see you in your altogether, so I followed you.”  Doug admitted. 

            The sunset was the most brilliant reddish orange they had either one seen though they would appear to have eyes only for one another.

            By now Doug had removed his clothing and was also in the water.  He grabbed her ankle and pulled her into it catching her off guard.  She swallowed enough salt water to gasp and grabbed his butt in retaliation while she pulled herself up enough to breathe again.  They wrestled with one another until their movements became more sensuous than aggressive and Jenny felt Doug’s…..”Image


For only $3.99 you may read the Kindle or Nook Version or $14.88 keep the hard copy novel for reading even when you haven’t your Smart Phone or other device with you!


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Pioneers With Purpose now available

If you savor the Civil War era and particularly enjoy true accounts of families and their trials during that period of American History then reading PIONEERS WITH PURPOSE will render you replete.

Now Available at Amazon and most bookstores Worldwide.  G-Rated

Now Available at Amazon and most bookstores Worldwide. G-Rated

Written for the General Audience, parents can share this story of the Johnsons and Campbells who had to flee for their lives because of helping the slaves escape to the North at the onset of the Civil War.  Leaving a lucrative business was only a part of the hardships suffered by these families as they soon load their wagon trains and head overland to Kansas amid the winter ice  and snow storms to homestead near the Indians.

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DEEP WATER just released……

Finally, the 3rd in the Series of The Agent and His Writer has been published and is available on Amazon and in most bookstores soon.

Background: “

This is the sequel to Loosiana~Land of Passion which was the sequel to At First Glance.  Both of these forerunners to Deep Water are about Jennifer Lee Stewart who was and always has been a writer.  Her work began as a reporter for the local newspaper during college and afterward, and after she married and became pregnant in Baton Rouge, she began writing for API as a freelance writer.  She branched into Romance Novels for steadier income until the children grew up.  Her first husband was Kenneth Olson, an architect who after 25 years of marriage to Jenny takes a mistress in his assistant.  Jenny catches them in flagrante delicto in her and Ken’s bed and realizes she and Ken haven’t enough left between them as a couple since their last child left the nest, to try to repair their marriage.  After a quick divorce, Jenny moves to a smaller home next door to a hunk who immediately is attracted to her as well.  This hunky neighbor, Douglas Campbell Nelson, who shares with her that his credentials include being a CPA for the government, finds he must warn her on her first night in her new home that their neighbors could be a danger to her.  Before their second date is over they both receive phone calls from their bosses and are assigned immediately to Mexico in pursuit of one the most corrupt cartels….the Los Endekas (in this novel Los Zetas) who have just buried innocent tourists and locals in Tamaulipas, Mexico after stealing their money, jewelry and raping them.  Their assignments pair them (Jenny as a free-lance writer for API and Doug as an FBI Agent) from the beginning on their flight to Mexico where Jenny figures out that Doug is more than a CPA and their futures take on an exciting and romantic twist while pursuing the drug runners along the Gulf Coast.

In Loosiana~Land of Passion Jenny and Doug are now married and Doug is asked to assist an old Marine buddy/ex FBI Agent/Friend who is attempting to determine if the Football Bounty problem is true or not midst the Saints Football Team in New Orleans.  Doug takes a Leave of Absence from the FBI in order to help his buddy and Jenny accompanies him in order to make his cover as Recruiter and his Wife seem more kosher as undercover work dictates.  He and Jenny soon find the mafia is involved and the FBI decides they want them both representing the FBI in order to keep better tabs on the mafia and  its’ involvement in the Bounty situation.  Great food, a kidnap, a 300 year old River Plantation with a ghost which takes over Jenny at every opportunity and fantastic sex between the newlyweds keeps Loosiana~Land of Passion humming along until the surprising end.

Now Doug and Jenny are being asked by the FBI to follow up on their OP-Mission Interception found in At First Glance with a new mission in Algeciras, Spain…….

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Doug has just completed a short Op on his own….

Final Version CoverShe started her bath water and pulled out her most comfortable jams to wear after bathing.  Even though Doug wasn’t going to be with her she still dropped some of her Pheromone bath oil into the Jacuzzi and with a glass of Chablis in her hand she slid into her tub with an audible sigh of relief.

The water was just perfect and after sipping her wine she knew she would have to turn up the music in the other room to stay awake.  She grabbed her towel and hurriedly ran into the living room to use the remote to heighten the sound to a higher level and realized by the lights reflecting off her walls that there was someone in her driveway!  She peeked out the door’s peep hole and saw her lover’s Hummer!  That little devil she thought…and just calling me before my bath….he must have been down the street!

Jenny quickly threw her towel on the couch and waited until Doug was at the door with his keys moving into the lock before she opened the door and with a coy look asked him,

“So what are you peddling Sir?”

Doug rushed into the house and closed the door, looking back through the peep hole to see if anyone was watching before grabbing her naked body into his welcoming arms and planting a kiss that he hoped was not reminiscent of any other kiss she’d received from door-to-door vendors.  After several such kisses which led to deeper kisses Doug finally pushed his new wife to arm’s length and told her,

“Let me clean up too before we go further with this conversation!” A large smile ended this sentence.


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Loosiana~Land of Passions

Loosiana~Land of Passions

Bounty OP…..Jenny and Doug’s newest FBI assignment in New Orleans….where food, spirits and sex reign strongest.

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LOOSIANA~LAND OF PASSION now available everywhere…


Jenny, Free Lance Author and Doug, FBI Agent/CPA have married and are now engaged in Bounty OP…determining whether or not there is any basis in fact to the accusations of bounties paid for attempting to maim players opposing the Saints Football Team in New Orleans. The newlyweds who worked so well together in At First Glance, in Mexico in the Mission Interception OP now are ensconced in a haunted 300 year old Louisiana Plantation where love keeps interrupting their concentration on the case. When Jenny begins speaking French like she was born to it Doug realizes they’re caught up in more than just the OP requested by the FBI. Jenny’s love making takes on a special twist that has Doug wondering if he should awaken her or wait until she returns to the living before warning her of what is happening. Midst limousines with full bars and a Private Box Lounge as the Super Dome, the sleuthing pair find this OP is top drawer and their Plantation retreat is just icing on the cake, or as their Hosts would say, “Whiskey Sauce for the Bread Pudding.”


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